Railroad Performance Measures   


Welcome to the Railroad Performance Measures website, where five major North American freight railroads have voluntarily reported three weekly performance measures — Cars On Line, Train Speed, and Terminal Dwell — since 1999, in a commitment to improve communications with their customers:

BNSF Railway              Kansas City Southern
CN Norfolk Southern
Union Pacific

All five railroads use the same definitions to calculate their performance data, ensuring a high degree of consistency of the measurements. However, these measures are most useful for examining trends and relative changes, and least useful as absolutes.

The level of one railroad’s performance relative to another’s may differ sharply because each railroad is unique. Differences between railroads include terrain, physical routes and network design, traffic mix and volume, the extent of passenger operations, and operational practices. External factors such as weather and port operations can also cause variations between railroads and over time. In addition, individual differences in the collection and reporting of operational data may affect the absolute level of the measures on each road to some degree.

Please refer to the Definitions  page for an explanation of the measures.

Effective August 23, 2017, CSX is no longer reporting its metrics to AAR. Going forward, CSX will report performance metrics on its website using its own methodology.

Railroad Performance Measures are published every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.